The food needs of the students, academics and administrative personnel  are provided by dieticians from central dining hall in campus and dining halls of higher schools in towns, calculating the students’ and personnel’s calorie needs and  forming menu consisting of 4 kinds by using qualified products appropriate to food safety in hygienic conditions.

Also, canteens, restaurants and cafeterias offer services in faculties and higher schools to present opportunities for meeting food needs of the students and providing places to spend their free time. University also offers shopping center including bowling and cinema hall.

The students studying at faculties/higher schools/vocational schools of our university and the personnel working at our university are provided health service by health centers and public hospitals .In order to benefit from health services, the students are required to document that their parents are not related to social security foundations. Our students, whose conditions are suitable, can take referrals from offices related to “Health Record” and their own school secretary. Medicine and treatment expenses of the students documenting that they are not related to any social security foundations are met by Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports Department.
A dentist, nurse, psychologist and a dietician work in the Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports Department and they can interfere in emergency cases.

Mehmet Akif Ersoy University has a swimming pool including fitness center, squash court, archery and sauna. There are basketball and football courts in different faculties.

World Health Organization defines ‘disabled person’ as a person who has physical or behavioral problem which restricts one or more basic living function (walking, sight, hearing, talking, breathing, learning, working).
‘Disability’ is the physical or behavioral restrictions people having such features are exposed.
According to the Turkish Disability Act "The right of education of disabled people cannot be prevented for any reason. They must be provided with equal education with disabled people and in inclusive environments by taking the special conditions and differences into consideration".
We, as Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, take into consideration the diversity and difference of our students and continue our working to increase awareness about disability. Our motto is ‘unobstructed access to the right of education.’


Mehmet Akif Ersoy University has an Erasmus House where Erasmus+ students can stay during their mobility.