About your travel from Antalya to Burdur :

  1. When you get out of ANTALYA airport, you will see a SERVICE BUS (its name is HAVAS).
    Its goes to the bus station directly and it costs nearly 8 euros.(20 Turkish Liras)
  2. As a second choice, You can take a TAXI to the bus station. It costs nearly (at most) 20-25 euros.But please do not take the taxi till Burdur. Cause sometimes drivers offer such things and the students do it. :(
  3. When you arrive to the bus station please find the bus companies "KAMIL KOC", "NİLÜFER" or "PAMUKKALE". They have buses nearly every hours to Burdur and it costs 6 euros.

    The travel will last 1,5 hours.

When you get in the BURDUR bus,please send an sms to us or call a TAXI to your PLACE. Its very close from bus station (just a few minutes).

Please do not hesitate to contact with us for any question.

Looking forward to see you in Burdur.